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Juliet :: Alex and James Fleming Photography

Juliet, you are power and beauty defined! James and I always love capturing your vibrant energy!View full post »

Wild Mountain Opener :: James Fleming Photography

A few shots of friends, some new and some old, snowboarding at the Wild Mountain Opener this past Saturday. “TheView full post »


The last – but certainly not least – senior to be photographed before the end of the year! Noah, you areView full post »


Gorgeous! You are California dreamy!View full post »


So beautiful! Loved seeing you again after all these years! Best of luck in all that you do.View full post »

Ellie :: Alex Fleming Photography

Loved photographing you again on a beautiful afternoon at the studio!View full post »


What a beauty you are! Best of luck to you at Princeton!View full post »


I can see you thinking. Love the Nordic Swede in you and your appreciation of nature, wildlife and music!View full post »


I respect your commitment to your health and well-being. No doubt it will benefit you in a nutritional career!View full post »


I’m so excited for what the future has in store for you! I know you will be an exceptional entrepreneur someView full post »


A beautiful ball of energy!View full post »

Alex and Evan :: Alex Fleming Photography

Twinning!  Loved coming to your beautiful home for the shoot.  You both are so well-rounded and have such distinctView full post »


Love from one crazy Russian to another!View full post »


You are an absolute blast to be with!  So happy and full of life! I can’t remember the last time I’veView full post »


Composed and lovely!View full post »


Loved your darling dimples!  You are oh so pretty in pink!View full post »

Johnny :: Alex Fleming Photography

You have a kind and humble demeanor.  Love that you are always up for an adventure!View full post »


Incredible beauty!View full post »

Emma :: Alex Fleming Photography

Exquisite and regal!  I loved coming out to the farm and photographing you and your lovely horses on such a gorgeousView full post »


Beautiful Catherine, you were just a delight to be with!View full post »


Sean, I loved being at your beautiful home with all the glorious light.  More importantly, loved getting to know youView full post »


King Charles, you rock! Absolutely darling personality coupled with extremely handsome looks.  All good things toView full post »


Confident and unbridled!  I could have listened to your voice forever.  Absolutely loved being with you in the urbanView full post »

Tommy :: Alex Fleming Photography

Solid and strong, yet kind and pleasant.  Loved your sense of humor, Tommy Boy!View full post »


Your strength and beauty amazes me.View full post »


I had a wonderful time wandering around Boulder Bridge with you!  You are so beautiful Sara!View full post »


What a handsome young man you’ve become!  I am so thrilled with all the great things going on in your life!  YouView full post »

Eleni :: Alex Fleming Photography

Your beauty is unparalleled. Your energy and aura are enlightening.  Absolutely exquisite.View full post »

Kendall :: Alex Fleming Photography

Loved being at your beautiful home with you!  You look gorgeous despite the bizarre weather!View full post »


Lovely and soulful. You inspired me with your beauty!View full post »