You are one of the few people that has said red is their favorite color. You look amazing with red all around you!View full post »


Nicole, I adored you the minute I met you 6 years ago at your brother’s senior portrait and family shoot! YouView full post »


You are an absolute throwback to old school Hollywood Glamour. A classic beauty with a modern twist. You are oneView full post »


Love how independent, mature and hardworking you are. Also impressed that as a dude, you picked out your entireView full post »


It warms my heart to have watched you grow over the past several years. What an amazing young man you’ve become.View full post »


Legit never have seen such incredible blue eyes! I literally thought your eye color was a colored contact lens. YouView full post »


You are destined to be a football cheering Southern belle! Just gorgeous!View full post »


You are absolutely exquisite! The light bounced off of you throughout our entire shoot. Loved walking around LakeView full post »


I could not have adored being with you more. You are an intelligent, musical, independent, natural, happy and fun youngView full post »

Devyn :: Alex Fleming Photography

So vibrant, sophisticated and exquisite! What a perfect morning, I absolutely loved being with you!View full post »


Beautiful on a boiling hot day! Loved being with you and Abigail! I wish you all the best with soccer this year!View full post »


Your eyes are incredibly cool. Sick hair flow. Loved that our shoot was your first time in a convertible!View full post »

Tommy :: Alex Fleming Photography

I so appreciated your analytical thought process! Linear, logical, kind, and great to be with. Hope you have aView full post »


Grace, you are a superior athlete and have a winning personality! Love everything Zumwinkle!View full post »


Humble, beautiful and sophisticated. Exquisite. You left me speechless!View full post »


Such beautiful light for you Sam! You look absolutely angelic!View full post »


You rock a seriously sassy Euro vibe. Love your intense and unique look. And your sense of humor isn’t so badView full post »

Megan :: Alex Fleming Photography

So natural and lovely to be around! Genuine and kind. Loved photographing another Geelan and seeing Otis andView full post »


Beyond. Such a natural beauty that radiates from within. Abso-freaking-lutely darling. Love you, the Tuttle sisterView full post »


Intelligent, thoughtful and kind. Adored being with you. And you definitely need to try out for Jeopardy!View full post »


Glorious day at your beautiful home for you!View full post »


Keilin, you rock! I have no doubt you are the most patriotic senior I have ever photographed. Your knowledge ofView full post »


Those eyes. Beautiful. As are you!View full post »