So beautiful. So musically and artistically gifted. Your eyes tell an interesting story, and it’s a good one.View full post »

Annie :: Alex Fleming Photography

Could you be any more darling??? Loved your fun and outgoing personality, fabulous wardrobe, gorgeous hair and makeup,View full post »


Loved your one darling dimple! You look absolutely amazing!View full post »


Darling, outgoing and fun! So loved being with you two times because of the weather and sharing our love forView full post »

Patrick :: Alex Fleming Photography

Your well-traveled and cultured background is a great combo with your love of theater. Inquisitive, introspective andView full post »


Light and lovely!View full post »


Third Beauchamp is a charm! Maren, you look absolutely gorgeous!View full post »

Danny :: James Fleming Photography

Awesome guy, awesome shoot. You are calm and collected – I can see why you are a goalie!View full post »


You have a twinkle in your eye and a contagious smile! How fun was that?!View full post »

Allyssa :: Alex Fleming Photography

Captain Phelps, you were destined for swimming greatness! Independent, solid and competitive, your well-rounded skillsView full post »

Josh :: Alex Fleming Photography

Inquisitive and kind, I loved your random bursts of fun and great sense of humor!View full post »


I could feel you analyzing and hear you thinking throughout the shoot. I am so calling you someday to help me withView full post »


True to who you are, the light seemed to dance upon you! Just beautiful, Katherine!View full post »

Maddie :: Alex Fleming Photography

What a glowy gorgeous day at the Arboretum with you! The light was a perfect compliment to your natural beauty andView full post »


You look glorious in the morning light! Lauren, you have matured into such a beautiful and lovely woman. I haveView full post »


Darling darling darling! Best of luck with your swim season!View full post »


Those green eyes hold a lot of knowledge. Intelligent and kind, I loved your passion for policy!View full post »

Macey :: Alex Fleming Photography

Macey, you are full of life, light and beauty. Absolutely gorgeous!View full post »


Total triple threat! Smart, athletic and musical. Loved that you could hang from a hoop even without your baller gearView full post »


You exude grace and elegance. Absolutely breathtaking, and a fabulous personality to boot!View full post »

Tyler :: Alex Fleming Photography

Your eyes are insanely blue! Good luck with your swim season, Captain Metz! Loved that Paige jumped in at the end.View full post »

Hannah :: Alex Fleming Photography

Love your gorgeous cat eyes and that we share the Fleming name! Your well-rounded involvement and scientific driveView full post »


So lovely and fun! Beautiful hair, beautiful everything. Special shout out to your dad Randy for the excellentView full post »