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Alex :: Alex Fleming Photography

Couldn’t have enjoyed being out on the boat with you more, Alex!  You look amazingly beautiful on a blusteryView full post »


Caroline, what a lovely young lady you are!  So easy to be with.  I wish you the best with your volunteer work andView full post »


As random as it gets!  You are exquisite no matter where you are.  Breathtaking in every setting.View full post »


You’ve got it all going on!  Love all things Ryan!View full post »


The last of the Kruger Fam!  So natural and beautiful.  Emily, you have a kind and loving persona and will no doubtView full post »


How darling are you?! Your eyes are incredible, and might I add, your teeth look amazing!  You will be fabulous in theView full post »


You are absolutely darling!  Despite the bizarre weather, you look beautiful and bright.View full post »


How fun was that?!  Loved being with you Libby.  I wish you all the best!View full post »

Grace :: James Fleming Photography

It was very fun to spend the afternoon with you and get to know you!View full post »


Breezy and beautiful. I loved how the light danced across your gorgeous face during our shoot!View full post »


Unique. Textural. Darling. And Random. Jenna, I love your amazing eye and your appreciation of place and structure.View full post »

Hannah :: Alex Fleming Photography

You belong in the water! You will be a fabulous Marine Biologist one day. Good luck with swimming!View full post »


I adore you and your family. You rock, Jack!View full post »


Ok, so you found a $50 American Express gift certificate and an iPhone randomly on our shoot, but didn’t want toView full post »

Emma :: James Fleming Photography

I had a great time adventuring with another Eastman!View full post »

Eric :: Alex Fleming Photography

Loved your intellectual sense of humor and well-rounded nature. What a great guy you are!View full post »

Ashley :: Alex Fleming Photography

So darling, fun and natural! I know you’ll be a great success in all that you do. Have a fabulous danceView full post »


You photographed beautifully! All-American beauty and just lovely to be with!View full post »


The fairest of them all. Alice, you are a wonder!View full post »

Presley :: James Fleming Photography

Our time together was accented with perfect light and happiness. Best of luck with your senior year and have a blastView full post »

Emma :: James Fleming Photography

These images reflect your real attitude and genuine sense of humor. It was my pleasure to spend a sunny morning withView full post »


Sophisticated and lovely. You are perfect!View full post »


You rock! So easy to be with. What a fabulous young man you are!View full post »


Many years ago, I was asked to photograph a Girl Scout Troop at Deephaven Elementary School. Fast forward to our photoView full post »

Ezzy 6 Months :: Shari + Alex Fleming Photography

May I present Ezzy, otherwise known as the Gerber Baby reincarnate. Gorgeous girl, fabulous family!View full post »

Sailor 6 Months :: Alex Fleming Photography

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! Sailor is a perfect combination of her parents!View full post »


D.A.R.L.I.N.G. You are a beautiful, confident and independent young lady!View full post »


The beautiful, breezy morning was a perfect reflection of your personality. Lovely, mature, and so kind!View full post »

Jillian :: James Fleming Photography

We were boiling hot from start to finish, but we certainly did find some awesome spots along the way! It was good toView full post »


What a breath of fresh air you are! Bright, beautiful and athletic. I had a wonderful time with you even though theView full post »


Beard or no beard, it just doesn’t matter! You are gorgeous.View full post »


Kristen, you are an incredible young lady! I am obsessed with your two different colored eyes and your fabulous curls!View full post »


Your laughter was infectious. Your curls are beautiful. And your spirit, enlightening!View full post »


You have an awesome, cool vibe about you. Piercing eyes and a quiet confidence that I loved being around. Best ofView full post »


Fun, awesome, competitive, vibrant, and glowing. Loved our shoot C-Fred!View full post »


So beautiful Morgan! Your hair, eyes and captivating surroundings were just perfect.View full post »