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Independent and intense. Loved our shoot!View full post »

Jack :: James Fleming Photography

You are a super nice and polite person, and I hope everyone gets to see this awesome part of your personality!View full post »

Justin :: Alex Fleming Photography

Solid. You look like a Polo ad! Loved being at your beautiful home and photographing you and your family!View full post »


Burton Love! I had a fabulous time with you Matt, and hope you have a great golf season!View full post »

Quinten :: James Fleming Photography

Q! You are a ball of fun. Thanks for an awesome time and I wish you the best of luck with senior year and beyond.View full post »

Anna :: James Fleming Photography

A pristine afternoon at the arboretum set us up for a fantastic photoshoot. Your confident and natural essence reallyView full post »

Catherine :: James Fleming Photography

These photos display your refined and established character for all to admire. It was a pleasure to meet andView full post »


Fun fun fun! You are so full of life and energy! You definitely win the award for best walk toward the camera!View full post »

Mollie :: Alex Fleming Photography

Absolutely gorgeous! The light was angelic and so are you!View full post »

Rachel :: Alex Fleming Photography

Rachel, you are so lovely! I have no doubt you will go quite far in life. The gorgeous weather perfectly complimentedView full post »


Maddy! You are so darling, sweet and friendly. Your confidence is reflected in your beautiful blue eyes! I seriouslyView full post »

Virginia :: James Fleming Photography

What an exquisite morning to do a photoshoot! We found some great spots and you have an amazing sense of style!View full post »

Paige :: James Fleming Photography

It was so fun to get to know you! You are supportive and ambitious.View full post »


Breathtakingly beautiful!View full post »


All-around great guy! Loved your Euro style.View full post »

Joe :: James Fleming Photography

It was great to spend time with you, buddy! You are a truly genuine individual and mature beyond your years!View full post »

Tristan :: Alex Fleming Photography

Fabulous wardrobe and great style on a cold and blustery day!View full post »


Could you be more adorable? Love love! Hope to see you on Broadway one day!View full post »

Chloe :: Alex Fleming Photography

Darling and natural on a super windy day!View full post »

Anna :: James Fleming Photography

You are a very kind person and I enjoyed your casual and relatable sense of humor!View full post »


I felt like I’ve known you for a long time. Such a strong connection. You are an amazing young lady with such aView full post »


Although we battled the wind, humidity and changing light conditions, you look incredible!View full post »

Maddie Jo

You are so special MJ. There is a light in your eyes and a certain way you look at the camera…like you knowView full post »

Katya :: James Fleming Photography

Even though the rain interrupted your shoot, it worked out really well! Wonderful!View full post »


How fun was that with the random man at the marina? Loved being with you! I know you will go far in life!View full post »

Spencer :: James Fleming Photography

Follow your passion for physics, and keep being the kind gentleman that you are! Glad I got to meet your bro too!View full post »


So incredibly beautiful!View full post »


Rain, clouds, humidity, and wind. No problem. You look amazing!View full post »

Kevin :: Alex Fleming Photography

What a great guy! Loved photographing another O’Neill!View full post »

Andrey :: James Fleming Photography

I had an awesome time exploring with you! Your positivity was great and I am glad to have met you and yourView full post »


Jack, you are freaking darling!View full post »


Cassidy, you are awesome!  I couldn’t have loved being with you more!View full post »


It has been such a joy watching you grow since the first time I photographed you 6 years ago!  What a lovely andView full post »