Sidney :: Alex Fleming Photography

I loved how without even trying, you were so natural, beautiful, and fashionable. Sweet and kind, the angelic lightView full post »


Stephanie, you are so articulate and poised! Loved hearing about your world travels and am incredibly impressed byView full post »


Vibrant and darling!View full post »


I just wanted you to know that for the record, when I grew up, seniors didn’t look like this. Good Lord, you areView full post »


Incredible day. Incredible guy. I’ve done a lot of photo shoots in my life, but this was the first time everView full post »


Football QB: check. Baller: check. Sick hair flow: check.View full post »

Lauren and Family :: Alex Fleming Photography

Lauren, you are breathtaking! I had a fabulous time at your beautiful home photographing you and your lovely family!View full post »

Clare and Family

Natural. Grounded. And simply lovely. So feeling the Liedtke Family Love!View full post »


Emily, your eyes are mesmerizing and soulful! From one photographer to another, I loved how you noticed all theView full post »


Marvelous day. Beautiful setting. Exquisite girl. And cousin love!View full post »

Owen :: Alex Fleming Photography

You have such a kind aura about you, Owen! Best of luck with baseball this year!View full post »

Connor and Family :: Alex Fleming Photography

Solid. What a well-rounded young man you are! Loved being at your beautiful home and photographing you and yourView full post »

Parrott Family :: Shari + Alex Fleming Photography

This is what happens when you have a favorable genetic combination. Gorgeousness!View full post »

Madison and Family

What a delightful young lady you are, Madison! Humble and unassuming. You and your entire family were beyond wonderfulView full post »


So fresh and beautiful. California will be lucky to have you!View full post »


Musical. Creative. Unique.View full post »


Sawyer, you are all around awesome.View full post »

Juliet :: Alex and James Fleming Photography

Juliet, you are power and beauty defined! James and I always love capturing your vibrant energy!View full post »

Wild Mountain Opener :: James Fleming Photography

A few shots of friends, some new and some old, snowboarding at the Wild Mountain Opener this past Saturday. “TheView full post »


The last – but certainly not least – senior to be photographed before the end of the year! Noah, you areView full post »


Gorgeous! You are California dreamy!View full post »


So beautiful! Loved seeing you again after all these years! Best of luck in all that you do.View full post »

Ellie :: Alex Fleming Photography

Loved photographing you again on a beautiful afternoon at the studio!View full post »